4th International Black Sea and Caspian Transport Forum 2017

12 сентября 2017 г.: ru 2 en 16 апреля : ru 1 en 111 июня : en 1 всего: 3209.09.17


On September 7-8, 2017, Interlegal participated actively in the annual conference “4th International Black Sea and Caspian Transport Forum 2017” held in Batumi. It touched the most vital issues of sea and land cargo transportations in the region.

Interlegal partner Arthur Nitsevych presented a special report “Legal issues of international carriages: trends 2017” related to new LMAA, GAFTA, FOSFA arbitration proceedings, held a case study of several fraud proceedings and shared the news about de-offshoring, opening beneficiary registers and tax information exchange.

Elena Neroba, Daniel Trading SA (Switzerland), Sergey Dimitriev, Odessa Sea Port Authority (Ukraine), Alexander Chebruchan, TIS-Ore (Ukraine) and Jaba Tarimanishvili, Trans Logistic (Georgia) participated in the 3rd session “Freight market status forecast” moderated also by Arthur Nitsevych. Interlegal Georgian partners Valerian Imnaishvili and Paata Kopaleishvili participated actively in the panel discussion.

Interlegal expresses gratitude to its regular partner Viva-consult for long-term cooperation.