Welcome to the Maritime arbitration conference

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The International Law Firm Interlegal, the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the London Association of Maritime Arbitrators present the first specialized conference "Maritime Arbitration".
Date: September 28, 2018
Place: Odessa, Hotel GAGARINN, 5b, Gagarin Plateau 
Topics will include practical recommendations of international experts and practicing specialists on maritime arbitration, maritime claims specifics, modern trends in dispute resolution in sea transportation.

Conference program:

12.00-13.00 – Registration and coffee.
13.00-13.15 – Welcome remarks and introductions.
• Nikolay Selivon, Chairman of MAC and ICAC at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine;
• Clive Aston, Immediate Past President of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association;
• Iosif Bronz, Chairman of the Odessa Regional Council of advocates.
• Galina Dibrova, Judge of Odessa commercial court of appeal, the Head committee at the Council of Judges of Ukraine
13.15-13.45 – Section 1: What is expected by business from MAC.
Moderator: Nikolay Melnykov, arbitrator at MAC, Interlegal.
13.45-15.30 - Section 2: Maritime arbitration in Ukraine – new horizon
Moderator: Andrey Kostin, arbitrator at MAC, Deputy Chairman of Odessa regional Attorneys at-law Council.
13.45-14.05 – Novels of the Ukrainian legislation in the field of arbitration: an open horizon, Oleg Podtserkovny, arbitrator at ICAC, head of the department of commercial law of Odessa National Juridical Academy, professor
14.05-14.30 – Rules of MAC 2018: new opportunities to arbitrate maritime disputes, Olga Kostyshyna, Advisor to the ICAC President
14.30-14.45 – Peculiarities of security at MAC , Konstantin Vares, arbitrator at MAC
14.45-15.00 – MAC practice, Tetiana Zakharchenko, Vice President of the ICAC and MAC, arbitrator at ICAC and MAC.
15.00-15.15 - Arbitration clauses in local maritime contracts, Nikolay Melnykov, arbitrator at MAC, Interlegal
15.15-15.30 - Q/As
One may ask questions to MAC arbitrators beforehand.
16.30 - 16.15 - Coffee
16.15 - 19.00 - Section 3: LMAA Terms – interpretation and practicalities.
Moderator: Natalya Myroshnychenko, Interlegal.
- Daniella Horton, Honorary Secretary, LMAA - LMAA Arbitration-A brief introduction   
- Daniella Horton, Honorary Secretary, LMAA – The Arbitration Agreement- The Key Ingredients   
- Clive Aston, Immediate Past President, LMAA - Commencing Arbitration-Getting off to a Good Start
- George Lambrou, Supporting Member, LMAA - The Role of the Seat in LMAA Arbitration   
- David Martin-Clark, Full Member, LMAA - Managing Costs in Arbitration
- James Clanchy, Aspiring Full Member, LMAA - Insurance and Funding in Maritime Arbitration  
18:00 – 18.30 - Forum Discussion – Moderator : George Lambrou, LMAA
18.30 - 18.45 Role of a lawyer in maritime arbitration in the Black Sea: at the crossroads of English and local law – Natalya Myroshnychenko, Interlegal
18.45 – 19.00 - Remarks and conclusions.
19.00 – 21.00 – Buffet reception with drinks
Download the Program (PDF)


Participation cost: 130 USD. 
Venue: Odessa, Gagarinn Hotel
Contact person: Ms.Alla Agbash, 00380487037510, agbash@interlegal.com.ua