Workshop at the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” by Olena Ptashenchuk

21 апреля : ru 1 20 мая : en 1Вчера: ru 2 всего: 4728.04.16



Olena Ptashenchuk resented two lectures “Peculiarities of shipbuilding contract conclusion” and “Force majeure in commercial contracts”.


The first lecture was devoted to several terms playing a vital role in draft shipbuilding contract preparation. The expert of Interlegal highlighted peculiarities of determining parties under the contract, engagement of financing, development of supporting documentation, transfer of the right of ownership on the object under construction, choice of applicable law and dispute settlement venue. Students had an opportunity to study the possible structure of deal and step-by-step algorithm of vessel supply to the customer.


In her second lecture, Olena Ptashenchuk, on the examples from Interlegal practice, narrated about peculiarities of force majeure clause application by the parties under commercial contract. Special attention was drawn to significant terms arranged by the parties, GAFTA 100 standard terms, principles of the English law and the English court practice.


Students of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” participated actively in the discussion.