Partners of Interlegal took part in the Azov and Black Sea Freight Forum in Batumi

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On the 8th - 10th of September 2014 the international Azov and Black Sea Freight Forum was held in Batumi. Nikolay Melnykov, Artur Nitsevych and Nataliya Myroshnychenko, partners of Interlegal, presented their reports at the forum.

At the forum there were raised issues devoted to development of sea transportation market in Azov and Black Sea Region. Among  the main topics  were such issues as: the status of freight market and main trends; key bulk cargo flows, trade prospects; container carriage ; development of Black Sea ports; roadstead handling of bulk cargos; the current possibilities and prospects etc.

Nikolay Melnykov, partner of Interlegal, presented a report ‘Black Sea region as a Niche Market: the View from Inside’ in the framework of the session devoted to cargos in Azov and Black Sea Region and trade prospects in that region.

Nataliya Myroshnychenko, associated partner of Interlegal, presented a special report ‘Peculiarities of Charter Performance in Azov and Black Sea Region’ which enlightened in details the general trends of charter practice development and problems of charter performance typical of Black Sea and Sea of Azov. Conclusions and recommendations in respect of charter party provisions, special clauses, regional peculiarities and local legislation were shown as the examples from certain cases in the daily practice of Interlegal.

This Conference was held in Batumi for the first time. According to general opinion of all the forum members, development of cooperation in the region is very useful and important. Georgia is a supremely the best venue for this Conference because it allows to involve members both from Black Sea countries and from Transcaucasia/ Middle Asia. Members of the Conference noted a very high professional level of audience and expressed their hope that the Azov and Black Sea Freight Conference would take place in Batumi (Georgia) regularly.


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