Conference «Grain Export from Ukraine 2016/2017» was held in Odessa

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Conference «Grain Export from Ukraine 2016/2017», organized by APK Inform-Agency, was held in Odessa on October 13, 2016. Its partners were Interlegal and the Ukrainian Grain Association. Despite the storm in Odessa the day before, over 120 participants gathered at the Black Sea Hotel conference hall.

Having just arrived, Rodion Rybchinskiy immediately opened the conference and moderated the first section devoted to prospects and risks of grain export market in 2016/17 MY.

Special attention was drawn to grain qualities for the current export season presented by Oleg Onischenko, SGS Ukraine.

Interlegal leading partners showed the latest case studies illustrating problems of non-payment and cargo retention, new market fraudulent schemes, shortage settlement at ports of discharge and cargo rejections due to quality non-conformance, on the examples of problem settlement under trade contract performance.

Second section started from panel discussion “Dialogue of business and power. State control and regulation under grain trade” on the following principal themes: macroeconomic impact on investment climate at the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex; problems of phytosanitary control as the key factor of export supply restriction; tax reform impact on export supplies; future of state operators at the Ukrainian agrarian market, as shown by State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine.

Third section, moderated by Interlegal partner Nikolay Melnykov, was devoted to development of the Ukrainian grain market export infrastructure.

Session remembered to be very interesting and vivid. First, Interlegal Turkish partner Mehmet Dogu spoke about measures to be taken by exporters under grain supply in Turkey in case of cargo shortage, and ship arrest practice in the Turkish Republic.

The following session revealed actual plans of port and grain handling terminal development. Representatives of three SE “USPA” sea ports: Mikhail Sokolov (Odessa), Irina Babeshko (Chernomorsk) and Oleg Voronoy (Yuzhnyi), illustrated a real image of investment activities at their enterprises’ berths. Andrey Vetryak, investment manager of TIS Group of Terminals, shared the plans of TIS infrastructure development until 2020. Prospective analysis of port and private terminal opportunities became a unique and bright event of the conference.

Having summarized the conference, Elena Cherednichenko, APK Inform-Agency, expressed her confidence that illustrated problems and proposed solutions will be implemented in real life.