Interlegal at the Congress Ukrainian Food 2016

2 декабря 2018 г.: ru 1 всего: 106.12.16

The Congress of food exporters Ukrainian Food 2016 was held on December 1-2, at the President Hotel, Kiev, and gathered nearly 340 participants, including the Ukrainian food producers, processers and exporters, logisticians, financial experts and representatives of state and public organizations from 26 countries.

Interlegal experts Mikhail Kudinskiy and Rinat Gareev participated in the Congress and held several interesting meetings. Special attention of all the participants was drawn to such prospective product sales market as China and South-Eastern Asia. Export to EU was impeded by serious regulatory restrictions imposed by European authorities on the imported products. Representatives of embassies and trade associations had a dialogue with entrepreneurs in several regional areas (EU, North Africa, Middle East, Asia etc.).