Interlegal at the International Conference ShippingRu 2017

15 марта 2017 г.: ru 8 en 317 марта 2017 г.: ru 4 en 129 января : ru 1 en 115.03.17

Interlegal partners Natalya Myroshnychenko and Nikolay Melnykov participated in the International Conference ShippingRu 2017 organized by Viva Consult and held on February 28, 2017, at the AZIMUT Hotel Olympic in Moscow, Russia.

Natalya Myroshnychenko presented a report “Ship Arrest and Release in Black Sea Region” which highlighted the vital issues of ship arrest in all the Black Sea Region countries, by Intrelegal Black Sea office practice. With regards to Interlegal vast experience in ship arrest practice, the participants familiarized with ship arrest and release peculiarities in various jurisdictions, local court requirements to submitted documents and obtained certain recommendations.

Principal issues of the Conference concerned new highlights and trends in North-Western and Southern Russian port operation in the context of export and import flow redistribution; dry ports: issues of tariffs and cargo clearance; status and trends of the container carriage market: volumes, rates; reefer cargos: carriage and storage, loading the existing reefer sites and constructing the new ones; river carriages in the Russian Federation.

Interlegal expresses gratitude to Viva Consult for the perfect organization of the Conference.