Interlegal at the VI UBA Judicial Forum

3 октября 2017 г.: ru 7 10 августа : en 124 сентября : ru 1 всего: 8702.10.17

On September 29, 2017, Interlegal paralegal Irina Yakimovskaya participated in the IV UBA Judicial Forum held in Kiev on September, 28-29.

The UBA Judicial Forum is one of the most large-scale and most influential events at the Ukrainian legal market. Nearly 320 lawyers from all the regions participated in the event.

This year organizers surprised the audience by new and updated presentations from the Ukrainian and foreign recognized experts.

Judicial Forum included 4 sessions:

1. Judicial Reform Status;

2. Awaited New Procedural Institutes;

3. Parallel sections:

   - Economic disputes in the context of a new trial;

   - Civil disputes in the context of a new trial;

   - Administrative disputes in the context of a new trial.

4. Panel discussion.

Organizers also surprised the audience by special presentations:

   - The status of resonant court cases involving Ukraine;

   - Polish Judicial Reform 2017: Pros, Cons and Lessons for Ukraine.

The event remained an excellent opportunity for meeting colleagues and friends, new contacts and interesting talks.