Interlegal Business Course (2017)

13 февраля 2017 г.: ru 96 en 114 февраля 2017 г.: ru 12 en 328 января : ru 1 всего: 19113.02.17


The first unique Interlegal Business Course for Shipping & International trade experts was held on February 2-9, 2017

In the framework of three studies, speakers – Interlegal partners and Shipping & International trade leading experts – shared theoretical knowledge in the English law and Ukrainian legislation and their long-term experience of practice and commercial approach with regards to the current trends. In particular, they highlighted basic principles of the English contractual law, contract types in international trade and carriages by sea, damage calculation rules in the English law, correlation between commercial and carriage contracts, peculiarities of standard proforma application, specifications of maritime and commercial arbitration. Examples of case study from Interlegal practice were used for discussing disputed aspects of contract conclusion and cancellation, problems of violating commercial and sea carriage contracts, legal aspects of cargo retention and claim handling.

Following their mission, Interlegal lawyers use not only their routine work but also such Business Courses and seminars to help our Shipping & International trade experts, so they could be more self-confident at the market and achieve high results.

Upon completion, each participant was awarded the Course Certificate.