Interlegal – exclusive partner of the VII All-Ukrainian Maritime Law School

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The VII All-Ukrainian Maritime Law School organized by the Students League of the Ukrainian Bar Association was held on April 8-9, 2017.

Interlegal traditionally acted as exclusive partner of the event, while Interlegal leading experts participated actively in the scientific and practical program.

Interlegal lawyer Ekaterina Gadetskaya presented a report “What is maritime law? Types of shipping contracts: legal nature, specifications and differences”. It highlighted the issues of determining industry of maritime law, main specifications and differences of Bareboat, Time, Voyage Charter and Bill of Lading in the aspect of the Ukrainian and English law accomplished by examples from Interlegal long-term practice and interactive discussion which traditionally arose the vivid interest among students. After the report, students asked the concerning questions.

On the second day, classes were held at the Odessa Commercial Court of Appeal. Interlegal lawyer Mikhail Selivanov held the training court proceedings where students imitated the case consideration on ship arrest as maritime security and on debt recovery serving as grounds for ship arrest. Upon completion of the training court proceedings, participants got engaged in the discussion regarding issues of ship arrest in practice and general issues of maritime law.

We hope sincerely that the obtained knowledge and skills will help the participants of the School to become real professionals in maritime law and to join the best Ukrainian law firms.