Interlegal held the 1st business course for young shipping and international trade specialists

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On December 02-18, 2014, for the fist time this year Interlegal held the business course for young shipping and international trade specialists in its new office. During three weeks the leading experts of Interlegal shared experience with young shipping specialists. First  and foremost, each tutor is a high level practitioner, thus each presentation contained a big portion of real practice immensely needed by each young shipping specialist. Printed materials of every presentation combined with participants’ personal notes became really valuable for the listeners. The program of business course was based on many years practice of  Interlegal in Shipping & International trade, English law principles, local law, good practice and modern business approach. During the course, the listeners got key skills in the issues related to:

-Shipping contracts; Charters’ peculiarities (voyage, time and bareboat); Specific charter clauses; Standard clauses; Bill of lading essence.

 -Contract and Charter: connection and dependence; Commercial triangle; Forwarders’ documents.

- Cargo claims; Claims handling; Fraudulent schemes in sea transportation.

-Transportation economics: freight, demurrage and other payments; Principles of freight rates formation.

- Demurrage in trading contracts: differences from charter, differences in calculations; Off-shore companies; Risks; Liability insurance.

- Arbitration clause; International arbitration.

-Basics of shipping insurance: H&M, cargo, P&I.

- Accidents (, spills, collisions etc.); General average; Rescue.

 -Vessels sale & Purchaseand registration.

- Arrest and Release of vessels (Black Sea and Azov Sea jurisdiction).

At the end of the business course all participants received the personal certificates. Cocktail party was the closing event were participants and lecturers communicated informally. We sincerely believe that received knowledge will help young specialists to reach new heights, facilitating the solving of day-by-day issues in shipping and trade industries.