Interlegal in TOP 50 law firms of Ukraine for 18 years

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Yes, this is confirmed by archive of “TOP 50 LEADING LAW FIRMS OF UKRAINE” rating scale for 1998-2016, organized by “Law Practice” newspaper just 18 years ago. As usual, this year Interlegal ranks both in TOP 50 and TOP 5 law firms in Odessa Region.

For these years we passed a long way. We entered the Ukrainian legal service market as International Law Office, while now Interlegal brand is known not only at the Ukrainian Southern Region market. In fact we have practice not only in Black Sea and Sea of Azov but also far outside Ukraine. Black Sea has become an internal sea for us, since our representative or associated offices are opened in all the Black Sea countries. Interlegal scale and practice diversity is growing. Apart from our usual and traditional practices, in 2016 the new practice – Personal Attorney Service has been launched. But it does not mean that previously scope of our interests did not cover the clients’ personal issues. In fact we always helped our clients to solve their personal problems if any. But this year this practice reached a new systematic level.

We express gratitude to “Law Practice” publishing center for monitoring development of national legal service market and its regional segments.

Today research shows the law firm dynamic development and high reputation of colleagues at the Ukrainian legal service market.

We congratulate our colleagues with bright results and express gratitude to our clients for their trust!

“TOP 50 LEADING LAW FIRMS OF UKRAINE” is a complex independent research of the Ukrainian legal service market. The main goal of rating scale is to determine market leaders under certain criteria: company profit, number of lawyers, financial effectiveness, complexity of supporting deals and trial settlement.