Interlegal master class at the Odessa National Maritime University

2 мая : en 129 мая : en 11 июня : en 1 всего: 3108.12.17

In the course of Interlegal master class, on December 6, 2017, Interlegal junior lawyer Irina Yakimovskaya, the Odessa National Maritime University graduate, held the master class “5 typical mistakes of contract conclusion” in her alma mater.

Irina told about contract clauses where the Parties usually make mistakes, such as:

  1. 1. Data about counteragents;
  2. 2. Governing law and language;
  3. 3. Force majeure;
  4. 4. Arbitration clause;
  5. 5. Settlements under the contract.

Nearly thirty 1st – 5th year students of the Law Department participated in the seminar. They asked a lot of questions, while the most active students were gifted the books published by Interlegal from Guidelines series.

Students discussed the master class theme with great pleasure. Such clauses as Governing law and language; Force majeure and Arbitration clause awoke special interest.

At the master class, students also got aware of GAFTA/FOSFA proformas and even wished to participate in the following master class “London maritime and commercial arbitration peculiarities” to be held on 13.12.17 at the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”.