Interlegal Shipping Talks: first meeting for experts in the Ukrainian shipping

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Interlegal Shipping Talks, first meeting for experts in the Ukrainian shipping, was held at Interlegal office. This event, held with the assistance of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine, awoke interest among professionals, scientists and even students.

Vladimir Torskiy, the Honorary Secretary of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine, and Interlegal partner Nikolay Melnykov held a welcome speech addressed to the guests.

At the first session, Alexander Sagaydak, director of Olvia Maritime Crewing Company, highlighted options of the Polish Register of Shipping for the Ukrainian shipowners. In particular, advantages of the Polish Register of Shipping include small classification society and almost individual approach to the clients’ interests. Its experts are ready to provide prompt and proper analytical assistance for the shipowner and to give the necessary advice upon upgrading the vessel equipment in accordance with the required class.

Dmitriy Rudenko, consultant upon vessel marine security, told Interlegal Shipping Talks delegates about the problem of so-called stowaways as a consequence of today migration processes and the methods of combatting them.

He highlighted that Ukraine is one of the most desired countries for illegal migration on board of vessels, while in 2015-2017 shipowners spent over 7 million USD in order to settle the problem of illegal migration.

For the purpose of holding similar meetings in future, Interlegal invites the Ukrainian shipping to cooperate.