International Business: Companies, Accounts and Taxes

30 марта 2017 г.: ru 4 en 15 апреля 2017 г.: ru 3 en 129 марта 2017 г.: ru 2 en 2 всего: 11724.03.17

On March 23, 2017, Interlegal held the annual corporate seminar “International Business: Companies, Accounts and Taxes” at the Gagarinn Hotel, Odessa.

This year the event gathered nearly 120 participants from the whole Ukraine, including business owners, top managers, financial directors and managers.

Speakers highlighted trends and the latest news upon international business organization, asset defense in Ukraine and bank accounts. The first session touched the following themes: “Non-resident companies for Ukrainian business” by Irina Voyevodina (Interlegal, Ukraine), “News from Cyprus: companies and bank accounts” by Despina Nicolaou (Oxford Tax Solutions, Cyprus), “International payments and regulations in bank system” by Andrey Dresvyannikov, “Information exchange and creation of substance (CRS, BEPS, Substance)” by Anna Nevmerzhytska (PWC Ukraine). In the end, Interlegal senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya presented the detailed report “Beware of foreign economic sanctions in Ukraine”.

The second session touched the following themes: “The Malta Residence and Visa Programs” by Kevin Dingli and Veronica Delicata (Malta), “Asset protection in Ukraine: holding structures, shareholders agreements” by Viktoria Russeva (Interlegal, Ukraine), “Transfer pricing in Ukraine: practice of 2016” by Sergey Gontarovskiy (Triada audit company, Ukraine) and “Safety issues: what we should know about search, seizure and non-disclosed investigation” by Vitalii Tolstik (Interlegal, Ukraine).

Participants asked numerous questions both after each presentation and at the cocktail-party that was a final accord of the seminar. Interlegal expresses gratitude to all the speakers-partners for bright presentations and participation in the seminar. See you next year!