Marine Services Group in Odessa opens the first set of lectures upon cargo insurance in 2016

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Under the results of Autumn Session of seminars and on the basis of guests’ comments, we can be sure that conducted seminars and their themes are interesting and informative for daily work. Moreover, growing number of people wishing to visit seminars confirms their usefulness and effectiveness of the business entities’ eagerness to develop their professional skills in order to improve quality of rendered services.

In respect of regular guests, we see the growing knowledge and understanding the risks arising in the process of cargo transportation, risk distribution and degree of each party’s liability. We should pay special attention to this fact because the received information and knowledge will obviously have a positive influence on stable work of companies and their development with full risk understanding.

These seminars are also effective and cognitive due to the fact that some business entities wish to hold such seminars within their companies both for their employees and for clients – cargo owners. Marine Services Group in Odessa has already launched this practice.


In the process of launched series, we are going to start the year 2016 by holding first 3 (three) seminars upon cargo insurance:

1. Standard covered risks and specifications of insurance cover – the seminar will be held on February 3, 2016, 18:30, 24В Genuezskaya str.

2. Exceptions and opportunities of insurance covers extension – the seminar will be held in March 2016;

3. Procedure and nuances of making the insurance agreement – the seminar will be held in April 2016


Plans of Marine Services Group for 2016-17 include organization and holding seminars “Risks and Responsibility” for the following market segments:

- Ports and terminals

- Aviation and service

- Small and private vessels (motor boats and yachts)

- Charterers


We will also be glad to talk upon other themes concerning Marine, Transport and Air Business. We accept any kinds of requests and wishes.


Upon all the organizational issues please contact Alla Agbash: 00380487037510, agbash@interlegal.com.ua