Risks and Grey Zones of Container Carriages: seminar in Odessa

5 ноября 2018 г.: ru 4 en 18 ноября 2018 г.: ru 2 en 220 января : ru 2 en 105.11.18

Experts in container business, sea port operators, agricultural traders, logistic companies, freight forwarders and lawyers participated in the special seminar Risks and Grey Zones of Container Carriages, organized by Interlegal and Maersk Ukraine – the largest Ukrainian container operator.

Roman Koloianov, Maersk Director General in Ukraine, shared news on today global role of supply chains and container business innovations being implemented in Ukraine.

Alexander Chebotarenko, Maersk legal adviser, and Karyna Gorovaya, Interlegal senior lawyer, held interactive Case Study upon vital issues of container cargo carriage by sea. In particular, delegates discussed the issues of international and local sanctions, unlawful actions of consignors and consignees, methods of combating widespread fraud schemes.

Andrejs Radionovs (Latvia), Marine Insurance Services Director General, shared the European trends in cargo and liability insurance.

Speaker Nadezhda Savchenko (Key People Recruiting) highlighted methods of combating headhunting and recruiting and presented effective methods of HR management.

A unique report by Alexander Chebotarenko about the options of mediation in dispute settlement also awoke interest among market experts.

Interlegal partner Nikolay Melnykov moderated the seminar.

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