Trade under CIF Contracts: discussion in Odessa

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Over 50 experts of transport, shipping and trade companies participated in the first international conference “Voyage Charterparties and CIF Contracts” held in Odessa on November, 30, and organized by Interlegal.
Practicing international experts from the United Kindgom, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Italy and Turkey presented their reports.

In the framework of panel discussion moderated by George Zambartas (Zambartas LLC) and Interlegal partner Natalya Myroshnychenko, delegates discusses difference in various jurisdictions upon the disputes regarding goods quality and quantity at loading and discharge ports.

Interlegal lawyers from Ukraine (Andrey Perepelitsa), Bulgaria (Mladen Popov), Romania (Virgil Nita), Turkey (Mehmet Dogu), and representatives of associated offices in Italy (Alberto Batini) and Spain (Diego de san Sim?n) facilitated vast discussion.

In the section devoted to local and regional peculiarities, business representatives Gennadiy Ivanov (BPG Shipping), Maxim Sheremet (BayWa) and Daniel Stefanov (Sea Partner, Болгария) discussed advantages of various charter party proformas to be used for more effective international trade organization.

In the third section, guests of the event could assess prospects in business-making, facing essential changes. Speakers were Nadezhda Savchenko (Key People Recruiting) Mark Hadfield (Flowwater Technologies) and Interlegal corporate lawyer Victoria Russeva.

In the end, there was a panel discussion “Martial law in Ukraine: business uncertainties”, moderated by Interlegal partners  Nikolay Melnykov and Arthur Nitsevych, speakers and delegates provided joint recommendations upon doing business in view of martial law.

Also Andrew Rigden Green, BIMCO trainer and Stephenson Harwood partner (Hong Kong) held a video speech for the guests.

Flowwater Technologies – international leader in the innovative and effective cleaning ballast waters – acted as sponsor of the event. Flowwater technologies facilitate effective, economic and solid solutions in ballast water management, in compliance with current and further legislation.