Training course “GAFTA contracts and the English law” in Odessa

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The training workshop devoted to peculiarities of conclusion and performance of trade contracts based on GAFTA standard proformas was held at the Interlegal conference hall on November 25, 2016, for one of the leading Ukrainian grain trader employees. The training course was hold by senior lawyer Andrey Perepelitsa and lawyer Olena Ptashenchuk, who are Interlegal experts in maritime law and international trade.

The workshop highlighted the general principles of the English contractual law and certain provisions of GAFTA standard proformas. Special attention was drawn to typical mistakes of the parties in contractual correspondence and their avoidance, fixation and stages of declaring the counteragent in default and evidences collecting procedure. In addition, the GAFTA arbitration procedure was studied. Six-hour training course was supported by active discussion at which the audience did not miss a chance to ask certain questions and to share its own experience. Practical section – Quiz for traders and Case study from Interlegal practice – awoke particular interest among the guests.