10th Anniversary of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine

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Organizers of the conference:


Nautical Institute of Ukraine


Odessa National Maritime Academy


International Law Offices was the partner and one of the sponsors of the said event.


 The President of the Nautical Institute of Great Britain, Captain James Robinson, attended that event.  


The Nautical Institute of Ukraine (NIU) is based in the premises of Odessa National Maritime Academy since 2000. Vladimir Torskiy, Professor, is the Head of the NIU for 10 years. The President of Academy, Mikhail Miyusov, supports the NIU activity in every possible way.

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NIU united the shipboard personnel, professionals of coastal service, leaders of maritime sectors, ship owners, crewing, forwarders, suppliers, insurers, lawyers, classification societies and shipping agency companies, banks, institutions of higher education and sector science. It should be noted that the Ukrainian branch is the first one among the countries of Western Europe, CIS countries and Baltic states.


 International Law Offices and law firm Remedy (Russia) are old members and partners of the NIU.


 Arthur Nitsevych (CNI) and Nikolay Melnykov (CNI) participated in the conference and congratulated the Honourable Secretary (Vladimit Torskiy) on the 10th anniversary.


 One of the most interesting speeches was made by the President of the Nautical Institute of Great Britain, James Robinson, entitled Attitude of the Nautical Institute of Great Britain towards the International Labour Organization and ILO Maritime Labour Convention. {BR}{BR} Employment and Claims of Seafarers in Ukraine was a speech made by Alexander Chebotarenko, Senior Lawyer of ILO.


 Participants of the conference signed the final Act summarizing the key points of the event.  


The sponsors of the conference were:


Marine Transport Workers Trade Union of Ukraine


International Law Offices Remedy, law firm Marco Ltd Baker


Tilly Ukraine


Olvia Maritime Ltd Ukrmorservice