1st Webinar

всего: 0 11.11.10

Interactive form of seminars, conferences and trainings is still developing in Ukraine, but it has become quite popular everywhere. Many companies organize on-line events and as a result the Internet resources provide more services on organization of the so-called webinars.  


Internet conference webinar is a virtual on-line seminar held through the Internet.


 International Law Offices keeps up to the times. Our specialists held aт on-line webinar using the visual content on 11 November.


 Webinar named Ship Owners’ Risks (Crew and Cargo Claims) in Ukraine: View of a P&I Club was held by the moderator, Senior Lawyer of International Law Offices, Alexander Chebotarenko. The audience of the seminar consisted of the international lawyers, ship owners, representatives of crewing companies and insurers. The language of the webinar was English.


The lector made a presentation. Alive relationship and chat were the instruments of communication. The audience was active as right after the presentation there was on-line communication. The participants asked numerous questions and step by step an active communication group was formed. It should be noted the obvious advantages of on-line seminar: confidentiality, practically unlimited number of participants and convenience related to cheapness, absence of the necessity to stop the work and get over long distances.


From now we intend to use this powerful marketing instrument.


We shall inform you on our next webinar that we are planning to hold in December.


 Odessa Planet technically supported the webinar.


We thank all the participants for on-line visit and the organizer for perfect technical support of the webinar.