Yacht parallel (bareboat) registration

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The client filed a request to Interlegal on yacht parallel registration under the Russian flag and obtaining the relevant permission from the principal Flag State.

Under the current principal flag of Jersey, yacht was unable to obtain temporary registration in another state. Interlegal first task was to find register of another flag state for yacht re-registration.

In the framework of project, Interlegal lawyers performed a complex and complex work to ensure all stages of the process, in particular: analysis of registration terms and negotiations with various foreign shipping registers, yacht withdrawal from the Jersey Register and drafting appropriate documents, yacht registration under the new flag of Palau, drafting Bareboat Charter and obtaining permission from Palau on yacht parallel registration.

Interlegal senior lawyer Kirina Riashentseva and paralegal Marta Leliavina under general supervision of partner Irina Voyevodina led the case.