Arbitration in Ukraine: enforcement in Greece

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Interlegal lawyers, acting in the interests of the Client – shipbuilding enterprise – succeeded in debt recovery for ship repair, via the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Further actions concerned the need in actual enforcement of the arbitration award and debt payment for performed works.

A matter of concern is the fact that the Debtor is neither the Ukrainian resident nor has any property in Ukraine. The only property to be seized is the vessel staying in Greece. Interlegal lawyers, in close contact with the Greek associated office, initiated the procedure upon recognition and enforcement of the Ukrainian arbitration award in Greece.

Therefore, with regards to all the nuances and specification of local legislation, in accordance with all the formal procedures and instances, Interlegal experts recognized successfully the Ukrainian arbitration award in Greece, having facilitated grounds for further auction on the Vessel sale.

Interlegal associate attorney Mikhail Selivanov and lawyer Igor Derus, under the general supervision of senior associate Karyna Gorovaya, supported the recognition process and coordination with the Greek office.