Arbitration practice: one more victory at the LMAA arbitration

20 декабря 2018 г.: ru 1 22 декабря 2018 г.: en 17 марта : en 1 всего: 13 23.03.15


Interlegal has successfully finished in favor of the Client another arbitration proceedings at the London Maritime Arbitrators Association.

The dispute arose between two UK-based companies due to breach by the Seller of its obligations under the international sales contract. The case was considered by the sole arbitrator who made an award in favor of the Buyer. The Seller found liable to recover damages due to delay in delivery of goods and to pay fine under the contract.

Andrey Perepelitsa, senior lawyer of Interlegal, Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and Karina Gorovaya, lawyer of Interlegal, worked upon the case.