"Bill of Lading: From Theory to Practice"

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The series of publications related to "Practice of Maritime Business" was supplemented in May 2010 with a new book "Bill of Lading: From Theory to Practice".


The book is the fifth one in the series. The partners and lawyers of “International Law Offices” were working over its creation for several years.


 The present publication is intended to summarize the experience of "International Law Offices” practice gained through years in legal assistance of sea carriages, as well as theoretical studies over the past year. This was the year after the next annual conference organized by “International Law Offices” with the colleagues from the Russian Federation - "Remedy" law firm. The Conference in 2009 mainly covered the issues related to the bill of lading carriages and many materials serving as a source of theoretical studies were drawn from the materials of the held conference.


Topically of the issues raised in the publication does not give rise to any doubts when the international community is searching for new solutions in legal execution of relationships regarding transportation of cargoes, especially sea carriages.


We hope that this attempt to study the relations connected with the Bill of Lading will be useful for practical use and will contribute to the theoretical analysis of some aspects of the issuance of the Bill of Lading for a carriage.


 We express our gratitude to all the conference participants of 2009 as this publication would not be published without their presentations.


 The authors: Arthur Nitsevych, Nikolay Melnykov, Vyacheslav Lebedev, Artem Skorobogatov, Natalia Myroshnychenko.