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The bowling mini-tournament between law firms and legal departments of various enterprises for the cup of Odessa Branch of the Ukrainian Bar Association was held in Odessa on 19 February 2010.


Organizer of the event became Odessa Branch of the Ukrainian Bar Association.  


On Friday a modern bowling club “SFERA SV” located in the city of Odessa gathered six teams of lawyers that were contending for the bowling cup. The tournament united such law firms as International Law Offices (Interlegal), ANK, Yurline, Legis, Imperator and Kartuzov & Partners. So, the winner of the tournament became the law firm Imperator, the second was Legis, then, Yurline, Interlegal, ANK and Kartuzov & Partners.


 Maxim Kirilyuk (ANK) was named the best player in total individual score.


High level and professional skills were demonstrated by the best player and team captain of Interlegal Artem Skorobogatov.  


The atmosphere of the tournament was traditionally relaxed and comfortable. All the players demonstrated their skills and will-to-win spirit. After the tournament termination the players thanked their supporters and continued informal communication with the colleagues.


 The winners got the cups and diplomas while the other teams received the prizes. Organizers of the event thanked all the participants and invited them to attend all events of Odessa Branch within the year.


Press-release by UBA