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“BUSINESS IN UKRAINE” is the first brochure representing collected works of the authors of International Law Offices that opened series of the same name.
Publication was timed to the event organized by International Law Offices – the conference Doing Business in Ukraine: Odessa and Odessa region that was held in October of 2008.
Creators of the present publication are considerable composite authors of the firm that have done their best to consolidate the whole materials prepared and published in various Ukrainian and foreign editions during 2006-2008.

International Law Offices

Arthur Nitsevych
Natalya Shpak
Ivan Movlyak
Vyacheslav Lebedev
Alena Losevskaya
Artem Skorobogatov
Natalya Miroshnichenko
Kseniya Guretskaya
Anna Hodakovskaya
Irina Voyevodina

In the present edition the articles of the International Law Offices authors have been collected written since 2006 till 2008 and published in various Ukrainian and foreign editions. As to the content, the articles have been gathered to reflect the actual state of affairs to open business in Ukraine for foreign companies. The present brochure plays the role of a guide or manual for legal entities intending to open and do their own business in Ukraine.

r The brochure is edited by senior lecturer of Odessa Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law Lebedev V.P., consultant of the LF “International Law Offices” (Ser.: Business in Ukraine).


1. Public-Private Partnership Opportunities in Ukraine…. Natalya Shpak, Arthur A. Nitsevych
2. How to Buy Commercial Real Estate by Acquisition of Participation Interests or Shares …. Alena Losevskaya, Natalya Miroshnichenko
3. Business Presales Preparation… Artem Skorobogatov
4. Buying Business… Artem Skorobogatov
5. Behind the Notary Scenes… Artem Skorobogatov
6. License Contract: Legal Peculiarities and Taxation… Alena Losevskaya, Anna Hodakovskaya
7. On Subsidiaries of Foreign Banks in Ukraine… Kseniya Guretskaya
8. Types of Activity of the Enterprise: Subtleties of Registration… Kseniya Guretskaya, Vyacheslav lebedev
9. Land and Non-Residents … Alena Losevskaya, I. Voyevodina

© International Law Offices
Brochure is published by
“Phoenix” press in 2008.