cancellation of export duties for wheat and maize

всего: 0 20.10.11

The President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich signed the Law 3906-VI On changing the Law of Ukraine “On introduction of changes for the Tax Code of Ukraine and rate of the export duties for the certain varieties of grain”.

The stated document was previously passed by Verkhovna Rada on October 7, 2011.

According to the document, the export duties for wheat, meslin, emmer wheat, maize will be canceled, but saved export duty for barley at the rate of 14% but not lower than 23 EUR/t till January 1, 2012.
According to the document, the export duties for rapeseed, soybean and sunflower oil will not be imposed.

The Law comes into force on the day following its publication. Since the day of publication the commodities, mentioned in the stated part should be withdrawn from free trade with foreign countries, about what the Cabinet of Ministers will inform them during a month.