Committees Meeting

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Chamber Joint Logistics & Transportation and Legal Committees Meeting 18 May, 2011, 16:00 Chamber Conference Facility (12, Amosova vul., 15 Floor)




The agenda of the Meeting will be devoted to the discussion of sea ports infrastructure development in Ukraine and prospects of adopting the Draft Law on Sea Ports in the framework of the Public-Private Partnership implementation.


As this Meeting is aimed at establishing a dialogue between governmental authorities and sea logistics/shipping industry, among the invited for discussion there are representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and leadership of the Association of Ports of Ukraine “UKRPORT” as well as Chamber Member Companies.


Among confirmed speakers are Mr. Volodymyr Sevryukov, General Director, Register of Shipping of Ukraine and Ms. Victoria Papenkova, Lawyer, CMS Cameron McKenna LLC, Ms. Olena Losevska, Partner of International Law Offices, LLC


If you or one of your colleagues would like to participate in the Chamber Logistic & Transportation Committee Meetings and receive informational updates, please feel free to contact


Yaroslava Marusyk, Chamber Committee Coordinator.

Svetlana Burlaka, Chamber Policy Officer.


source of information ACC web-sitehttp://www.chamber.ua/}www.chamber.ua