Defense of the Shipowner’s interests in dispute with the port agent in Israel

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In summer 2016, the Client’s vessel transported cargo from Ukraine to Israel. At the approach to Haifa, the Shipowner made a prepayment of disbursement costs and paid for agent services. The vessel stayed at the roadstead for some time, waiting for the Charterer’s instructions, but the Charterer changed the port of discharge by another Mediterranean port and the vessel left Haifa.

Since the vessel did not call at the port while both disbursement costs and agent services were paid in advance, the Shipowner applied to the port agents for the refund of unused costs. But the agents ignored the Shipowner’s request.

Interlegal lawyer Ekaterina Gadetskaya under supervision of senior lawyer Andrey Perepelitsa filed a claim against the port agents, held negotiations and settled the problem.

Prompt application of the Client to the lawyers facilitated the refund of costs paid for non-rendered agent services.