Dispute regarding partial cargo damage

всего: 0 29.11.13

Interlegal has settled successfully the dispute regarding partial cargo damage

During the sea carriage of flour from Ukraine to Turkey, the part of the cargo got wet.

Having found the spoilt cargo the Consignee refused to perform unloading until the presentation of financial guarantees by Ship Owner, and notified on intention to arrest the Vessel in case of failure to provide such guarantees as soon as possible.

Having closed physical access to the Vessel the Consignee excluded the possibility to discharge cargo to warehouse for temporary storage.

Having exhausted all possibilities to settle the dispute by its own force, the Ship Owner applied to “Interlegal”.

Experts of «Interlegal» persuaded the Consignee to continue the process of unloading against signing the amicable settlement agreement and without providing any financial guarantees by the Ship Owner.

Having unloaded the cargo the Vessel left the Turkish jurisdiction immediately.