During the visit to London Arthur Nitsevych and Nikolay Melnykov held meetings with known LMAA arbitrators

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Being the LMAA members for over 5 years Nikolay and Arthur had a talk told about the regional peculiarities of their law practice in Black Sea Region (Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Moldova) and summarized their arbitration practice of representing the clients’ interests in LMAA, FOSFA and GAFTA arbitrations. Arbitrators shared their comments regarding the recent sound arbitration awards and made comments upon active since the 1st of January 2012 THE LMAA TERMS; THE INTERMEDIATE CLAIMS PROCEDURE and THE SMALL CLAIMS PROCEDURE.


During the meeting they arranged to hold a seminar devoted to maritime arbitration in autumn 2013 in Odessa. We know that LMAA arbitration considers most of the disputes in maritime shipping and commodities. If the charter contains the phrase arbitration in London most probably it means that the dispute shall be considered by this arbitration.