During their visit to London Arthur Nitsevych and Nikolay Melnykov held meetings with clerks and barristers of the leading Chambers specialized in Shipping and Commodities, shared their opinions on the current practice and agreed on cooperation

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Barristers confirmed the successful experience and shared their impressions on the direct work with the foreign law company. Arthur and Nikolay confirmed their intention instruct a barrister directly in certain cases. Arthur Nitsevych says, ‘Often it does not incur additional expense of a solicitor and potentially saves a significant amount of money overall. Communication with a specialist direct access barrister is faster because we are dealing with the barrister directly’. Nikolay says, ‘We would like to underline that direct access to barristers, however, may not be appropriate in some cases which are better suited to the traditional model of instructing a barrister through a solicitor. Anyway, we are doing best to protect the interests of clients in the best possible way in each case individually’.


We know that Quadrant Chambers and 20 Essex Street Chambers are leading commercial sets of barristers and hold a pre-eminent international position in all aspects of the shipping and trade.