Establishing New Standards

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About the project


 In spite of the turbulent business environment and certain changes brought about by the current crisis, lawyers are not complaining about any shortage of legal work. Actually, quite the contrary, new practices are being launched and some diversification on the market is being observed. Operating in a challenging country, Ukrainian legal practitioners have managed to work in a burdensome regulatory field finding solutions for clients, establishing standards and a professional society.


As more and more people seek reliable information on legal “players”, publishing house “Yuridicheskaya practika” pleased to present for the rea¬ders the expanded Ukrainian Law Firms 2009. A Handbook for Foreign Clients, a definitive guide for doing business in Ukraine.


 The Handbook itself consists of four sections. The first one is called Ukrainian Legal Market and is devoted to a general description of the Ukrainian legal market as well as the prominent events of 2008, determining the significant trends and developments. The second section, Practice Areas Review, provides crucial information on the main branches of law and offers a unique analysis of the market by acknowledged legal practitioners. Who is Who in Ukrainian Law by Practice Areas presents unique opportunities to find out up-to-date information about the performance of market operators and to see mini rankings by leading firms and individuals. The final part, Law Firm Profiles, provides factual details about firms in Ukraine.