Experts of Interlegal prevented the vessel arrest

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Condensate accumulation in holds is a frequent winter occurrence which may cause problems for shipowners carrying the cargos exposed to moisture. In such cases the prevention of vessel arrest must be deemed as a priority.

Cargo of steel wire coils, designated for the Turkish consumes in two ports of Marmara Sea, was loaded on board of the vessel in Italy. In the process of discharge at the first port, it was detected that wire coils were partially damaged by corrosion due to condensate accumulation in the hold. Consignees stated a claim on cargo damage by sea water and unilaterally suspended the vessel discharge.

While settling the problem situation, lawyers of Interlegal assisted in searching a reliable surveyor, held negotiations with consignees, facilitated resuming of discharge as soon as possible and provided the re-entry of the parties’ actions into the legal course. Taking into account the possible repeating of similar situation in the second port of discharge, the Odessa and Istanbul offices of Interlegal performed online monitoring over the discharge process (including weekends) and were ready to respond operatively to any actions committed by the consignees. At the present moment the lawyers are collecting evidence for defense against the cargo insurers’ possible recourse claims.