Experts of Interlegal represented interests of a European bank in a mortgage deal

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To secure  a loan, granted to a foreign company in 2013, the bank was given real estate for mortgage owned by a resident of Ukraine – the property guarantor of the debtor under a loan agreement.


The Parties of the loan agreement jointly decided to amend the loan agreement, which resulted in the need for introducing and carrying out a state registration of relevant changes in the mortgage agreements in Ukraine.


Among the significant changes in the loan agreement the following ones should be singled out: changes in interest rates of the loan, resulting in a change (increase) of the volume of the guarantor`s property liability; change in the loan repayment (restitution) plan.


Thanks to the professional and efficient work of the team of Interlegal lawyers, the interests of the European bank-mortgagee were protected, and the assignments were successfully implemented.


The client\'s interests were represented by the lawyers Karyna Gorovaya and Kirina Riashentseva, under the direction of the associate partner Natalya Myroshnychenko.