First meeting of the whisky club in Odessa

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Aqua Vitae


First meeting of the whisky club in Odessa


The first meeting of the whisky club members was held in Corvin whisky club on 17 February 2010. The business club was gathered for the first time in Odessa by initiative of the organizer, namely, the law firm International Law Offices.


 It is indisputable that informal communication of people bound by joint business is much more pleasant as it involves a rest and at least short escape from problems and concerns about the heavy day. Tasting room of Corvin meets all requirements in the best possible way.


The quality of rest in the club intercourse is determined not only by the sort of a drinks, in this case by high quality of the Scotch whisky, but by the possibility to freely communicate in the atmosphere without any transactions, calculations or discussions over some projects. And if there is an amazing presentation of the club’s owner on the history and facts related to the tasted product, then, the process becomes not only pleasant, but useful.


Thus, all guests (that had been invited to that event) visited the first meeting of the club. Representatives of maritime transport and shipping sector, yachting businessmen, representatives of lines, terminals, agents and surveyors companies attended the club.


 The club’s members tasted 5 taps of malt whisky and each portion of the tasted beverage was followed by an interesting story, history and development of Aqua Vitae. Aqua Vitae in Latin means the water of life. It is quite symbolic that thanks to International Law Offices good graces Aqua Vitae gave birth to the whisky club in Odessa.


 Members of the club announced that they were intending to gather on a regular basis to spend the time. It was decided unanimously that such events enable development and strengthening of business relationships and contacts.


Next meeting of the club is scheduled for March. The final date will be fixed in the nearest future.