First meeting of the Whisky Club was held in Corvin Whisky Club after the summer break

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On the 21st of September 2011 the first meeting of the Whisky Club was held in Corvin Whisky Club after the summer break. The wine tasting was attended by the club’s regular members to meet each other and to exchange impressions of their holidays, to share news and plans for future.


We would remind you that the first meeting of the club was initiated by International Law Office in February 2010. Since that time this event has become regular for the transport and shipping elite of our city. Today it is impossible to imagine our life without such meetings every month. However, the club members meet each other not only among their intimates, partners and clients; practically every event is attended by new interesting guests that are not only pleasant, but useful either. The partners of International Law Office from Riga (Latvia), Marine Insurance, also visited the meeting.   


An amazing presentation made by Ruslan Gennadievych, who is a Head of the club, gave real pleasure for all those present. Fantastic taste of our sommelier, collection refinement, beautiful story and we got to know a lot about whiskey from Campbeltown Whisky Distillery. This time we tasted single malt whiskey House Style SPRINGBANK. It is incredibly noble, oily and peated whiskey having some fruit aftertaste that is produced since 1828 in Scotland.


Springbank is one of the best sorts of whiskey in Scotland. It is ranked among the ten best sorts of whiskey in the whole world (among Ardbeg, Lagavulin, The Macallan, Balvenie and other ‘classics’). It is one of the three distilleries left in Campbeltown whisky distilleries. It was founded in 1828 by the Reid family, the famous bootleggers and smugglers.

After the presentation of four sorts of whiskey the participants continued conversation with the host to increase their awareness in the whiskey production and tastes characteristics.


The regular club members that attend the club meetings from the foundation day could consider themselves as if not the experts, but the sophisticated connoisseurs of this beautiful, expensive and highly qualitative beverage.

We are always glad to see you and looking forward to our meetings with you in Corvin Club. Please, follow our news and wait for an invitation.


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