«Heavy Lift Black Sea»

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On 11 may in Abrau Durso was taken place the first International Conference «Heavy Lift Black Sea».

The main participants of the event have become leaders and representatives of freight forwarding, logistics and agent companies, shipping companies, cargo owners.

The main objectives of the Conference were studying transport oversized cargo in the Black Sea region, developing competition in the region, and consolidation relationships between the companies.

Reports have been presented of various companies with experience in the Black Sea region: TMBC Logistics Ltd, Varamar. Report of Igor Popov, SAL Heavy Lift, on the theme “Experience in the CIS area” generated attracted considerable interest and discussion. Nikolay Melnikov, ("International Law Offices"), introduced characteristics of the goods transport on the inland waters of Ukraine.

The final point of the Conference were the words of thanks, Sergey Evmenenko (IBF) and Valentina Bokatogo (NPT Ltd.).

We thank all participants for active presentations and we hope that our meetings will become regular! See you in 2012!

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