Information regarding general average of m/v «MSC Daniela»

19 апреля 2017 г.: ru 689 en 2318 апреля 2017 г.: ru 298 en 220 апреля 2017 г.: ru 149 en 7 всего: 1812 18.04.17

Interlegal commenced settlement of matters regarding container inflammation on board of m/v «MSC Daniela» which has taken place on April, 04, 10:30 AM local time, at the Sri Lanka coast.

According to mass media reports, inflammation occurred during the container carriage from Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean sea ports to Odessa and Chornomorsk. Inflammation, followed by the fire, destroyed containers in stern section; there is a risk of water ingress into some containers. Exact damages amount has not been assessed yet.

At the present moment the vessel is moored in Colombo at the East Container Terminal surrounded by tugboats and salvage craft.

Most containers were unloaded at the Colombo International Container Terminal.

As of 17.04.2017, shipowners of m/v «MSC Daniela» announced general average. MSC container line has already contacted average adjusters – “Richards Hogg Lindley” and are awaiting for further instructions in respect of bonds and guarantees upon general average required for release of containers to cargo owners.

Interlegal’s experience in representation of interests of cargo owners in the course of settlement of disputes upon general average, in particular, fire on board of m/v «NORASIA TAURUS» and collision of m/v «CMA CGM Verlaine» and m/v «Odessa Star», confirms the necessity in consolidation of cargo owners in order to increase efficiency of actions aimed at prompt receipt of cargo and reduction of general expenses.

Considering the consignees’ common interests, Interlegal, being the correspondent participant of the International Association of Average Adjusters, is ready to provide prompt legal and consulting assistance to cargo owners, carriers and freight forwarders in respect of the issues related to this incident, including:

• Representation of cargo owners’ interests before average adjusters;

• Receipt and delivery of cargoes/funds subject to return to the Ukrainian cargo owners and freight forwarders.


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Vadym Solopko 
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