«Interlegal» represent interests of m/v “Azovskiy Veter” due to running aground

18 марта : ru 1 22 августа : ru 1 17 сентября : en 1 всего: 6 12.02.14

International Law Firm «Interlegal» was nominated to represent interests of ship owners of m/v “Azovskiy Veter”. The vessel is in distress near the coast of Ochakov.

We remind that m/v “Azovskiy Veter” sailed from Kherson to Georgia with soybean and corn on board and had a hull damaged while passing Dnepro-Bugskiy Firth in ice-bound conditions. In order to avoid sinking the vessel ran aground.

Due to fast actions of lawyers from «Interlegal» participants of the maritime event had a constructive dialogue and the parties got ready for cooperation.

At the present moment the vessel is being prepared for heaving-off and further towage to the nearest ice-free port for repair.