Interlegal starts practicing in Bulgaria

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Alexey Remeslo and Andrey Perepelitsa, lawyers of Interlegal, held several meetings with clients and new partners during their business trip to Bulgaria (Varna and Burgas).


Maritime transport industry in Bulgaria lacks experts in maritime and transport law. We know that most of charter parties and bills of lading are governed by English law – Interlegal is mainly specialized in disputes with application thereof.


Representatives of maritime business in Bulgaria believe unanimously that such meetings happened  vitally in time  and allowed to learn more about wide opportunities that cooperation with Interlegal and its associated offices (first of all, in Georgia, Russia and Turkey) might bring. Interlegal will render the following main services in Bulgaria: maritime arbitration, disputes under collision of English and national law, vessel arrest/release, marine accidents in Black Sea region.


The meetings resulted in organization of the Round Table called “Marine Claims and Disputes: Practice in the Black sea Region”. It will be held this summer with the support of Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping and The Bulgarian Branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.