Interlegal analyzed fumigation legislation

21 октября 2018 г.: ru 1 22 октября 2018 г.: ru 1 Сегодня: ru 1 всего: 7 13.04.16

Interlegal has advised the company, providing the services of grain cargoes fumigation, with respect to the national and international regulation of cargo fumigation on board of the vessel.

In particular, experts of Interlegal at the client’s request had performed a complex legal analysis of regulation of relations arising from cargo fumigation on board of the vessel between shipowner, its representative (Master, shipping agent), fumigation company and state supervisory bodies.

The following vital issues for fumigators’ routine business have been studied: who shall secure and inspect special protective equipment on board of the vessel, which state supervisory bodies shall bear responsibility for control over the technological process, distribution of liabilities between the parties of sea carriage, and many others.

During the preparation of legal opinion, experts of Interlegal based on national legislation of Ukraine, national standards, provisions of international regulatory acts, IMO International Shipping Committee recommendations, GAFTA and BIMCO documents upon this issue.

Nataliya Myroshnychenko, the associated partner, and Mikhail Selivanov, the lawyer, worked upon the project.