Interlegal assessed the possibility of FOSFA arbitration award enforcement in Ukraine

19 ноября 2017 г.: en 12 февраля 2018 г.: ru 1 всего: 2 25.04.16

Interlegal has consulted one of the leading global agricultural traders upon enforcement of FOSFA arbitration awards in Ukraine against non-resident company.

In particular, at the Client’s request, the experts of Interlegal have analyzed legal grounds for enforcement of international commercial arbitration awards in Ukraine. Special attention was paid to the issues of FOSFA arbitration award entering into force and to appeals to the High Court of Justice, London, under the English law and the English court practice.

Additional assessment concerned the time terms provided by the national legislation for initiation, recognition and enforcement of final arbitration awards after the appeal, renewal of such terms and particular mechanisms of non-resident company’s property arrest.

The client received practical recommendations in respect of the reduction of potential risks in agricultural product export which may be faced due to unlawful actions of the third parties interested in the enforcement of FOSFA arbitration awards in Ukraine.

Karyna Gorovaya and Olena Ptashenchuk, experts of Interlegal, worked upon the case.