Interlegal cancelled tax service notification on charging car tax

7 июня 2017 г.: ru 2 10 июля 2017 г.: ru 2 18 апреля 2018 г.: ru 1 всего: 12 18.01.17

In the framework of practice «Personal Attorney Service» launched in 2016, Interlegal defended the client’s interests at the court against the state tax inspection. Odessa District Administrative Court recognized as illegal and cancelled tax notification – decision on charging large car tax amount from the vehicle owner.

Pursuant to the Tax Code of Ukraine, taxation object shall be the vehicle manufactured not more than five years ago, at the average market cost of 1,033,500 UAH in 2016. Tax inspection states that one of 3-year old Volkswagen models is treated as luxury and is declared as taxation object. Fiscal service calculated the car average market cost under the methods of the Cabinet of Ministers, which exceeded the taxable minimum prescribed by the law.

Interlegal lawyers applied correctly calculation rules for determining luxury articles and relevant law provisions in order to defend the client’s interests at the court.

With regards to our company law practice, car owners shall assess correctness of vehicle tax accrual in case of receiving tax notification. If grounds for such tax accrual are applied by fiscal bodies incorrectly they shall be contested at the court.

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