Interlegal charged debt under the Bunker Supply Contract

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A client, large foreign bunker trader, filed a request to Interlegal on debt recovery from the Shipowner for bunker supply. The Client fulfilled in full its obligations under the Bunker Supply Contract, while the Shipowner failed to make payment for rendered services.

Since the Debtor’s vessel stayed at the Romanian sea port when the dispute arose, Interlegal lawyers, jointly with their Romanian colleagues, analyzed documents, case circumstances and situation in whole, held claim settlement with the Debtor, followed by filing an application to the Court on the Debtor’s ship arrest.

The Debtor tried to delay proceedings by postponing court hearings, with its promise to pay debt at the court hearing. With regards to similar feints of counteragents, Interlegal lawyers, jointly with their Romanian colleagues, retained the vessel until debt remittance to the Client’s account.

Since the Debtor fulfilled neither its contractual obligations nor its promise to pay the debt, the court commenced case consideration on the merits, based on the Romanian lawyers’ application.
Having considered the dispute on the merits, assessed evidence and analyzed legal position of the Client’s defenders, the court made an award forcing the Debtor to pay indebtedness under the Bunker Supply Contract with interests accrued for delay period.

Interlegal associated partner Alexey Remeslo and junior lawyer Irina Yakimovskaya led the case.