Interlegal consulted a large international trader of agricultural products on the issues of creation of freight forwarding service

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The client applied to Interlegal with the request to develop the set of necessary documents and the scheme of performance of forwarding services accompanying the movement of export cargo from Ukraine.

Apart from the general issues of legislative regulation of freight forwarding activities in Ukraine, the client was interested in the issues of forwarder\'s liability, the scope of forwarder’s functions in the course of shipment of cargo on CPT, FOB, CFR terms, as well as the circulation of documents which accompany the cargo movement, grounds and conditions of issuance of FCR.

Considering the specifics of the client’s business activity, the lawyers of Interlegal Karyna Gorovaya and Ekaterina Gadetskaya under the general supervision of the associated partner Natalya Myroshnychenko developed the agreement on freight forwarding services, the scheme of documents circulation and the allocation of responsibilities of freight forwarder in the course of shipment of cargo under different terms (CPT, FOB, CFR), as well as the legal opinion in respect of the issues of legal regulation of freight forwarder’s activities in Ukraine.