Interlegal continues to consult shipowners as for vessels calls to Crimea

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Interlegal continues advising clients on the current equivocal legal situation regarding the shipping activity which may potentially fall under the provisions of Ukrainian legislation governing the status of occupied territory of Crimean Peninsula.

As it is known, the relevant legislation is far from perfect, in particular, with regard to sea-going vessels, which creates lots of ambiguity.  The ambiguous law enforcement practice in Ukraine raises fears of shipowners that their vessel may be arrested even due to the mere fact of passing of Kerch Strait, or entering into the 12-mile zone off the coast of Crimean peninsula.

In fact, existing legislation does not clearly answer on numerous specific questions related to the current procedure of passing the Kerch strait or entering into coastal waters of Crimea (even without calling to the ports).

Interlegal keeps monitoring the situation closely and is ready to provide up-to-date advise to the shipowners, P&I clubs and other persons interested.