Interlegal defended the child’s interests and upheld father’s right to meet his child

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In the framework of Personal Attorney Service practice, a client applied to Interlegal in order to settle a family issue. Interlegal lawyers had the task to settle the conflict, when mother rejected father’s meeting the child under any pretext and with blackmail concerning her material needs. Due to regular breach of preliminary arrangements by mother, our client had to apply to the court in order to settle the conflict situation in his child’s interests.

Interlegal lawyers drafted the defense tactics, with regards to all the current circumstances. In accordance with new provisions of the Civil Procedural Code of Ukraine, evidence confirming the Client’s position was collected at the preliminary stage. Lawyers persuaded the custody and guardianship agency to comply, in the child’s interests, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, under which both parents shall bear responsibility for bringing-up their child.

Despite conclusion of the custody and guardianship agency which initially insisted on father’s meetings the child in mother’s presence for two hours per week only, provided evidence and arguments at the court changed the custody and guardianship agency’s opinion in a positive way.

The court made an objective award in the child’s interests: our client may see her daughter every week, four days in mother’s absence, including weekends, and twice a year for two weeks: at summer and winter holidays with the right to take his child abroad in the manner prescribed by the Ukrainian legislation.

Interlegal attorney-at-law Ellina Romanova and paralegal Nikita Kocherba led the case.