Interlegal defended the Client’s interests in Italy in respect of criminal case upon smuggling and violation of intellectual property rights

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In 2006 the Client of Interlegal organized sea carriage of automobile and sport ware in container from the United Arab Emirates to Ukraine. The transportation route included the transit port Gioia Tauro (Italy), where part of the cargo was detained after customs inspection.

Customs inspection showed, that part of sport ware had names of famous manufacturing companies, but there were no documents, which confirmed legal manufacturing of goods and trademark usage.

Therefore the mentioned sport ware was recognized as counterfeit products, and criminal proceedings were initiated against the Client upon smuggling and violation of intellectual property rights.

In the framework of case consideration lawyers of Interlegal with the assistance of their local Italian representative proved the absence of the сlient’s fault, whereupon the case proceedings against the Client were closed only in November 2014.

Sergey Sushko, the lawyer, worked upon the case under the general supervision of Artur Nitsevych, the partner.